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The Friendship Song …

Number of View: 1401 The Friendship Song – “Friends are Quiet Angels” is available for…

Nutting Happier Than…

Number of View: 2302 A fun ecard to let your best friend/ buddy know that you love hanging out together

A Best Friend Card

Number of View: 2605Make your friend’s day sending across this card.

One Of A Kind!

Number of View: 1127Let your friend know what you think of him or her with this ecard!

I Wonder If You Know…

Number of View: 1337A beautiful card with amazing visuals.

This Is Friendship

Number of View: 1330An extraordinary explanation of friendship!

The Best Gift Ever!

Number of View: 1170Make your ‘Best Friend’ feel really special with this wish

You Are My Gift!

Number of View: 1239This card describes that a good friend is gifted by god!

I Pray For You!

Number of View: 1334A warm ecard that shows the significance of your friendship!

Hey, You! This One’s For You…

Number of View: 1258This penguin would definitely bring a smile on your friend’s face.

Sweet ! Sweeter !! Sweetest !!!

Number of View: 1310This card describes the sweetness of your friendship!

Good Friends Just Like You…

Number of View: 1187Let your best pal feel how special he/ she is.

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