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Sorry, Don’t Be Angry!

Number of View: 1256 Regret your mistake and say sorry.

Let’s Start Off Fresh!

Number of View: 1144 Send this e-card to someone you have hurt.

Say Sorry With These Flowers…

Number of View: 1247Send this personalized sorry card to someone you have hurt.

Cute Sorry Card

Number of View: 1611Apologize with this cute sorry card.

I’m So Sorry

Number of View: 1337A beautiful rose with a sorry message.

I Am Really Really Sorry!

Number of View: 1290Say ‘Sorry’ to your beloved/ friend/ loved one with this touching ecard.

I Apologize For Hurting You

Number of View: 1594Send this apology ecard to your dear ones.

Sorry… I Really Mean It

Number of View: 1228Feeling sorry for your mistake… Say it with this card.

Sorry For The Wrong Words

Number of View: 1314Say sorry and apologize for the wrong words spoken with this card.

One Phrase, I Am Sorry

Number of View: 1121A beautiful sorry card for your loved one.

Sorry Honey

Number of View: 999Say sorry to your loved one with this cute card.

I’m Sorry For Making You…

Number of View: 906Ask for forgiveness with this card.

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