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Sorry, Don’t Be Angry!

Regret your mistake and say sorry.

Let’s Start Off Fresh!

Send this e-card to someone you have hurt.

Say Sorry With These Flowers…

Send this personalized sorry card to someone you have hurt.

Cute Sorry Card

Apologize with this cute sorry card.

I’m So Sorry

A beautiful rose with a sorry message.

I Am Really Really Sorry!

Say ‘Sorry’ to your beloved/ friend/ loved one with this touching ecard.

I Apologize For Hurting You

Send this apology ecard to your dear ones.

Sorry… I Really Mean It

Feeling sorry for your mistake… Say it with this card.

Sorry For The Wrong Words

Say sorry and apologize for the wrong words spoken with this card.

One Phrase, I Am Sorry

A beautiful sorry card for your loved one.

Sorry Honey

Say sorry to your loved one with this cute card.

I’m Sorry For Making You…

Ask for forgiveness with this card.

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